Humalog KwikPen 5x3 ml

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Product: Humalog KwikPen Insulin

Product Type: Insulin Pen 

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                                Humalog KwikPen | Insulin lispro

Insulin is a hormone that acts in the body to lower blood glucose levels. Insulin lispro is rapid-action insulin that shows its effects in about 15 minutes after injecting, shows maximum activity in an hour and keeps its activity for about 2-4 hours later.


·        Used for the treatment of patients suffering from type-1 and type-2 diabetes.

·        Used to treat high blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

·        By controlling blood sugar, it decreases heart disease chances

·        Prevent kidney damage

·        Prevents sexual functions problems.

·        Works faster than physiologically produced insulin

·        Prevents loss of limbs by reducing blood sugar levels

·        Prevent blindness caused by diabetes


·        Low blood sugar levels persons should not use this medication.

·        A person having any issue in kidney, liver or thyroid should consult with his/her doctor before using this medication.

·        Do not engage in any task that requires your complete attention because insulin bistro can cause low blood sugar level and can cause blurred vision or dizziness.

·        Do not share your Insulin listro needle, syringe, and injection cartridge with any person whatsoever; sharing will cause the spread of several contagious diseases.

·        Use the amount of dosage as directed by the doctor, do not exceed or lessen that amount

·        Insulin listro is injected 15 minutes before meal and immediately after the meal.

·        Your doctor will guide you how to inject yourself the insulin, still if you do not understand how to inject it under the skin or into a vein through an Intra-venous do not try at home and consult some doctor.

·        The period for which Insulin should be used is directed by the doctor, follow that strictly.

·        Injection pen that comes along with insulin listro should be used and no other pen should be used instead.

·        A new needle should be used before each time you are injecting.

·        In case of low blood sugar level, keep some fast-acting sugar source with you, like fruit juice, hard candy, non-diet soda or raisins.

·        A glucagon emergency injection kit is recommended in case of sever hypoglycemia.

·        Make sure someone from your family or friends can inject you in case of an emergency.

·        You should be wearing diabetes patient tag at all time so any medical personnel will know that you have diabetes.

·        Do not use medication if it has changed colors, looks cloudy or you see particles in it.

·        You should take a meal after 15 minutes of injecting yourself a dose.

·        Do not take an extra dose to cover for a missed dose.

·        Medication should be stored at room temperature and should be used within expiration date.

·        Keep your Medication with you at all times.


Side Effects:

The side effects are not such harmful but over dose of this product can cause some problems.

Common Insulin listro side effects include:

·        Low blood sugar

·        Itching

·        Mild skin rash

·        Constipation

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Humalog KwikPen 5x3 ml

Product: Humalog KwikPen Insulin

Product Type: Insulin Pen 

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